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Superannuation Investment Strategy

Planning Your Future: Your Blueprint for Success

A well-crafted investment and review strategy is like a road map, guiding you from where you are today to your desired financial destination. It’s a legal requirement for every superannuation fund to create and put into action a comprehensive Superannuation planning investment strategy.

At Roger Boghani tax & business services, we’re here to guide you so that you have peace of mind. The complexity of this strategy hinges on how much money you have available and what the members of your fund want to achieve with their investments. Our specialised referral partner can access the best investment research and advice, helping you realise your desired Superannuation planning strategy for your SMSFs.

They take the responsibility of documenting your SMSFs investment strategy seriously. This includes regularly reviewing and professionally planning the selection of investments or assessing your existing investment strategy. This is recommended but not compulsory to use a financial planner to prepare an investment strategy. You can prepare it yourself. Investment strategy is the document which indicates your plan of investments. Superannuation planning is important for charting the course of your SMSFs financial journey and achieving your financial goals.

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