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Tax And Business Services For Small And Medium Businesses

Roger Boghani tax & business services is a full-service accounting firm that provides small to medium-sized businesses with compressive accounting and taxation services in Melbourne. We work very closely with small and medium-sized business owners to understand their needs and challenges. We help them identify the issues and use existing resources efficiently to improve overall business operations and cash flow. We actively work with businesses to implement the system, which can help businesses improve productivity.

In your journey with Roger Boghani tax & business services, you will find that we are not only active but also dynamic, creative, and proactive when it comes to compliances, lodgements, and tax and GST minimisation.

Some of our services include:

1. Financial statement preparation

  • Profit and loss statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Other reports/statement

Small-Medium Businesses

Risk Management And Asset Protection

We're here to help protect your business and assets with the right structure. We'll work with you to understand and manage the risks you might face, so you can achieve financial success.

Reporting And Performance Analysis

After recognising and analysing your business strengths and weaknesses, our team can help businesses implement effective systems and processes for the path to success.

Business Structures

Creating the right structure for your business can help minimise taxes and protect your business and assets. We can assist you in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of being a director (officeholder) and a shareholder.

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Your business is our passion, and we’re dedicated to fulfilling its success. Our experienced accountants offer tailored solutions, from simplifying compliance to boosting financial performance. With competitive pricing, agreed timelines, real-time insights, and flexible meetings, we’ve got you covered. Trust us with financial reports, tax returns, and strategic planning, so you can focus on running your business. Let’s chart the path to your financial success together.


Passion For Your Success

We're passionate about helping your business thrive.

Comprehensive Support

Our experienced team covers all your compliance needs.

Your Trusted Partner

Let us handle reporting tasks, so you can focus on growing your business.

The Building Blocks To Small-medium Businesses

The Building Blocks To Small-medium Businesses

Roger Boghani is your trusted partner in achieving financial success for your business. We believe that understanding your specific needs and goals is the cornerstone of effective financial success. Our experienced accountants are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions, from simplifying compliance to enhancing your financial performance. With competitive pricing and agreed timelines, we ensure your business matters are handled with precision and efficiently.

Our commitment extends to streamlining complex areas like Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) and various indirect taxes, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. We’re here to provide clarity on tax implications, collaborate on short and long-term objectives, identify potential savings, and minimise your tax exposure. With Roger Boghani tax & business services, you gain a financial ally that eases your burden, ensuring you’re well-prepared to navigate the dynamic and competitive business landscape.


We prepare company financials, tax returns and dividend statements

Trusts (Family & Unit)

We prepare trusts financials, tax returns and distribution statements

Sole trader

We prepare profit & loss


We prepare partnership financials, tax returns and distribution statements

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Helping your business to comply and prosper!

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