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Get to your desired financial destination with Roger Boghani.

To provide unwavering support, including comprehensive accounting services to small to medium businesses, SMSFs, and individual investors throughout Melbourne, helping them to achieve their unique goals. Our strategy is simple yet effective, and we create straightforward plans through thoughtful strategic planning. We take the time to truly understand your business and investment ambitions by actively listening to you.

We understand the bigger picture of your family needs, desired lifestyle, retirement dreams, and safeguarding your valuable assets. That’s why we go the extra mile to form a well-rounded and holistic structure covering all bases.

We’re about helping you realise your aspirations. Let’s work together to shape a prosperous future.

Our Services

Individual Tax Returns

From tax returns to complex matters, get an individual accounting solution tailored to your needs.

Small-Medium Businesses

Improve your skills as a business owner and learn what you need to do to take your business to the next level.

Self-Managed Super Fund

Gain more control and flexibility over your super by setting up and managing your SMSF.

Non-Profit Organisations

We specialise in bookkeeping and accounting for NDIS and other non-profit organisations.

Business Services

We are a full-service firm that provides accounting and financial services for small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises in Melbourne.

Capital Gains Tax

Our expert business accountants can help you plan your CGT and ensure compliance. Pay the correct tax for your financial goals.

Cryptocurrency Accounting

When it comes time to sell your Bitcoin, let us help you minimise the tax.

Strategic Tax Planning

Expert accountancy services can set you up for sustainable growth and long-term success. Get set up to grow.

ATO Related Services

Let us deal with the Australian Tax Office and let you get on with running your business.

Working together to support your business.

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Building Your Asset Portfolio With Roger Boghani & Co

Roger Boghani tax & business services, nestled within the vibrant city of Melbourne, takes time to listen and understand you and your business and family needs in order to provide tailored accounting services suitable to you and your family need, We make clear and simple plans via strategic planning after listening to and understanding you and your goals for business and investment.

We make sure you build your asset portfolio in the most effective structure which will not only save tax but also provide asset protection and the desired retirement outcome.

Taxation Planning

15 years

Business Advisor

15 years

SMSFs Expert

15 years

Structure Specialist

15 years



We actively manage to minimise taxation liabilities while staying compliant.



Our planning strategy focus on assets protection and growth through the right structure for all entities and individuals.



To have complete control and flexibility for your retirement, we assist and guide you in setting up SMSFs that enable you to invest in shares, manage funds, crypto, or borrow to buy a property in SMSFs.



We are your local structure specialists based in Melbourne, We can assist you in setting up the appropriate structure to start a business buy assets in an appropriate structure, which leads to tax advantage and asset protection.

Team Members

Meet Our Team Members

Maria Green
Administration Manager
Plan, create and code internet sites and web pages.
Bernard Blackwood
Manager – Superannuation

Plan, create and code internet sites and web pages.

John Richmond
It Manager / accounts
Plan, create and code internet sites and web pages.
Jhon Doe
It Manager / accounts
Plan, create and code internet sites and web pages.
Melbourne’s Taxation Professionals

Your Journey, Your Finances:

Our Relationships

Before we talk numbers, we get to know you—who you are, your goals, and your aspirations. We build relationships based on the person, not the spreadsheet.

Our Clients

Our clients make us better at what we do. We know them, we understand them, and we always do what is best for them. It's crucial to us that our clients feel valued.

Our Business Services

Our Melbourne-based structure specialists can help you set up the correct structure to start a business or buy assets in an appropriate structure, which leads to tax advantage and asset protection.

Building a future
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