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At Roger Boghani Tax & Business Services, we focus on tax planning that fits your needs. Whether you have an urgent tax issue or want to save money over the long term, our experienced team is here to assist you. We’re great at finding all the available options to handle your taxes and developing plans that get you the best tax results. With the end of the financial year, business owners still have time to act to minimise their taxes.

Our strategic planning services for businesses are designed to optimize your operations. We start by implementing the right structure or making your existing structure work for you, enhancing your business’s cash flow, and minimising tax liability. Simultaneously, we ensure your business and assets are well-protected.

Let us join in your tax planning strategy to make sure your finances are set up for success.

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Manage your accounts receivable

Before the financial year ends, review accounts receivable. Write off uncollectible debts as bad debts to lower taxable income. Encourage your clients to pay your invoices to minimise their taxes.

Timing of your purchases

Prepay July expenses such as materials, superannuation, insurance premiums etc. before the end of the financial year to lower taxable income. Ensure sufficient cash flow for this effective tax planning strategy.

Trusts structures

Engaging in trust tax planning activities can help ensure that distribution minutes and resolutions are completed accurately, aligning with your intended distribution strategy and desired tax outcomes for your family group.

Start Building a Better Business, with Better Support.

Strategic Business Growth Solutions

Our dedicated team partners with businesses of all sizes, aiding in planning for sustainable success. We analyse past performance, pinpoint areas for improvement, and cover growth strategies, risk management, market dynamics, staff, cost reduction, and Key Performance Indicators. 

Our tax experts ensure tax compliance is being met. We provide expert tax advice, prepare accurate returns, maximise deductions, and liaise with tax authorities on your behalf, all while freeing you to focus on your business.

Strategic Support

We partner with businesses for success, offering tailored solutions.

Comprehensive Analysis

We assess past performance, covering growth, risk, and costs.

Tax Experts

We handle tax compliance, advising and managing tasks, so you can focus on your business.

Simplifying Business Structure Decisions

Simplifying Business Structure Decisions

  • Selecting your business structure is a significant decision that influences asset protection, tax obligations, operational expenses, and profit maximisation.
  • Choosing the ideal structure can be intricate due to the various pros and cons associated with each type.
  • Expert guidance simplifies the selection process, helping you determine the structure that best suits your unique situation.
  • Once you’ve made a decision, support is provided to establish the chosen structure and ensure compliance with all legal obligations (such as superannuation and Work Cover requirements) pertaining to your business.
  • Your chosen business structure directly affects asset protection, tax liability, operational costs, and overall profitability.
  • With professional assistance, you can focus on enhancing your business’s success, knowing that your business structure is optimised for your needs.

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