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Capital Gains Tax – Specialist Solutions For You

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) has been around since 1985, and it can be quite baffling for business owners and investors. Understanding CGT and all the other tax rules can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to tackle it alone. Our CGT specialist team  here to make it easy for you. We’ll break down CGT and other tax requirements in a way that makes sense. No need to stress; we’ve got your back. with our comprehensive capital gains tax services.


  • 15 year exemption
  • 50% active asset reduction
  • Retirement exemption
  • Small business roll-over
  • Capital Gains Tax

    What is capital gains tax/loss?

    Profit/loss on the sale of your investment such as property, shares, crypto etc.

    Most common exempt CGT assets

    Your primary place of residence or an investment property acquired on or before 20 September 1985.

    Acquiring CGT assets

    Buying an investment in an appropriate structure such as a trust, SMSFs or company, can not only help you to save a considerable amount of money in tax but also give you asset protection when navigating these complexities, seeking professional advice from capital gains tax services can be beneficial.

    Get In Touch With One Of Our CGT Experts If You Have or thinking to acquire Investment Assets.

    Get The Best Capital Gains Tax Advice

    Having an experienced and creative CGT accountant not only assist you in meeting reporting obligations but also help you to reduce capital gains tax. Roger Boghani and the team can explain the different tax rates for CGT depending on the type of entity such as individual/s or partners, trust, SMSFs, or company holding assets. We achieve this by tailoring our approach to your unique situation and assisting with the record-keeping of your capital assets. 

    This means you can rest easy, knowing that a seasoned professional is handling your Capital Gains Tax matters, allowing you to concentrate on more vital aspects, such as managing your business and investment. For comprehensive assistance, consider leveraging specialised capital gains tax services provided by Roger Boghani and the team.

    Expert CGT Guidance

    Our experienced CGT accountants provide top-notch guidance, reducing tax and ensuring compliance while being creative.

    Personalised Support

    Customised our approach to your needs, we streamline CGT responsibilities and assist with asset record-keeping.

    Business Priority

    Trust our professionals to manage CGT, allowing you to concentrate on running your business seamlessly.


    How Roger Boghani tax & business services Accountants can help

    • We specialise in Capital Gains Tax (CGT) matters, assisting business owners and Investors in navigating CGT complexities for a considerable duration.
    • We explore potential exemptions, concessions, and rollovers to minimise CGT liabilities, offering strategic advice for tax reduction.
    • Our services encompass various strategies, such as asset restructuring, to effectively reduce CGT.
    • Close collaboration ensures businesses achieve optimal outcomes while adhering to all relevant rules and regulations.
    • Focus extends beyond tax minimisation, consistently seeking growth opportunities through our specialised  capital gains tax services.
    • Clients, confident in tax payments, benefit from Roger Boghani tax & business services, prioritising wealth creation over tax liability concerns.
    • The aim is to simplify the complexities surrounding CGT, encouraging businesses to their maximum.

    Our Services

    Helping your business to comply and prosper!

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