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Benefits of a Self Managed Superannuation

We are here to assist you in choosing the most suitable solution for all your superannuation tax and accounting requirements.

Superannuation, after one’s family home, represents the second-largest asset for many Australians. It serves as a vehicle through which individuals save and invest money during their working years to secure their retirement. Increasingly, people are recognising the potential for greater control over this vital investment through the utilisation of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSFs).


Freedom of Investment Choice: With an SMSFs, you have the autonomy to determine how and where to allocate your superannuation funds to achieve optimal returns. This opens up avenues for investment options that may not be presently accessible, such as real estate, fixed-interest assets, direct equities, wholesale managed funds, derivatives, and alternative investments.

Tax Efficiency: The maximum tax rate applied to contributions and earnings within an SMSFs is 15%, provided the fund complies with regulatory guidelines.

Asset Protection: Assets held within your SMSFs enjoy protection from potential bankruptcy and other legal claims.

Roger Boghani offers a distinguished service specialising in self-managed superannuation administration and compliance. Our comprehensive services encompass:

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