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Self-Managed Super Fund Auditing

Roger Boghani works with an independent auditor who specialises in self-managed super fund auditing. Our support service is designed to assist Accountants, Financial Planners, and Fund Trustees. Our commitment lies in providing a comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective service that ensures your peace of mind. We view ourselves as your strategic partner, dedicated to delivering efficient and thorough solutions.

Discover the Benefits:

  1. When you choose to outsource your SMSFs administration work to Roger Boghani tax & business services, we work very closely with an independent external auditor.
  2. Access Specialised SMSFs Expertise: Benefit from expert technical advice in the field of SMSFs.
  3. Strengthen Client Relationships: Reduce the risk of straining your relationship with multiple parties.
  4. Streamline Operations: Allow your professional staff to focus on more profitable and engaging tasks by entrusting routine compliance audit work to us.

The Process:

Our SMSFs administration process is designed for simplicity and efficiency, with the following steps:

  • You provide us your SMSFs documents as requested by Roger Boghani
  • We go through your documents. If we need anything else (such as commercial property valuation) before starting to work on your SMSFs, we guide you on how to collect those documents. From whom to collect these documents.
  • We then start work on your SMSFs and complete SMSFs financials, SMSFs tax and other necessary reports such as members statements etc.
  • We then send all documents along with reports to the external auditor we work with to complete their review and audit.
  • Once audit has been completed, we send all the reports along with audit engagement letter and trustee representative letter for your review and signature along with covering notes.
  • Our covering note will include if any tax refund or payment from or to the ATO. We also mentioned how much minimum pension you need to draw if your SMSFs is in pension or TTR (Transition to Retirement) mode. We also include other note which may benefit you in saving tax or complying with SIS act.
  • Once you have signed reports and return them to us, we can proceed with lodgement with the ATO.

What to Expect:

Working with Roger Boghani, you can anticipate:


A consistently high level of service without surprises.


Assurance that your client relationships will be upheld with honesty and integrity.


Prompt responses and consultation regarding regulatory breaches.

Guaranteed Turnaround

A commitment on turnaround time.

Value-Add Relationship

A partnership with us from SMSFs administration to audit process. We take care of everything as you will be dealing with Roger Boghani only.


Our personalised service and professional ethos set us apart. You will have a dedicated point of contact throughout the entire process, ensuring regular and consistent communication. With our deep expertise in SMSFs, we understand the unique challenges faced by other Accountants, Financial Planners, and auditors.

Contact Us:

For inquiries regarding your SMSFs needs, to request a proposal, or to learn more about our SMSFs support service.

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